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Some rambling about what was going to be a Young Justice AU RP, but now it'll be something generic DC setting with a lot of YJ base ideas?

Enjoy the ramble. )

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Alright, now that I've watched ALL THE DEGRASSI I am going to go over my thoughts on the season as a whole. I'll try to keep it spoiler lite. It won't be spoiler free. So everything is under cuts and y'all can get on Netflix and watch the block of episodes for yourself. Or find them on project free tv (they should all be up by now, if not they will be tomorrow). Or if you're in Canada they should all be up on F2N by 1 AM.

I'll start, as usual, with my favorite little trainwreck...



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Third in the Color Identity Series. Black. I have... a fair number of muses here, but not as many as in Blue. Mostly because their secondary colors were already covered in White or Blue. Anyway!

Black )

Rakdos )

Golgari )

Jund )
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I blame Ray for this, but Maya as a siren has become a thing in my head. And in thinking about putting Sam and Dean through awkward with a mouthy teenager I ended up with this. Probably will write more like it later. Cause Siren Maya is fun.

Shipwreck Harbor )
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Second in the color identity series, this is Blue. Blue is pretty much the color I identify with most when I write or play cards. So it'll have a bit more to it than some of the other color identities, and has a pretty large collection of characters to it.

Blue )

Dimir )

Izzet )

Grixis )
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Since I failed to write a thing yesterday, you'll get two things today. One of which I technically wrote for class, but they count because... I wanna be lazy sometimes.

So this is one of the few writing things without any specific goals attached, it's just a story that had to be between 300 and 900 words. I went for a sorta surprise, trying to set it up and execute it within the short space I had to work, hope you all like it!


I hope you enjoy. )
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So I'm starting my 'write a thing every day' bit a little early to clear my head. This the first in a four part (two colors will share a day) series of character studies through color identities. Since I'm including character studies as a possible writing thing.

To go over the rules, every day will cover a color and every color set that starts with that color. Meaning we'll start with White, Azorious (White/Blue), Orzhov (White/Black), and Esper (White/Blue/Black) on this day. Each section under a cut will start with a blurb covering that color/sets ideals even if the color isn't there. No description for Wedge sets will show up, as wedge identities aren't defined by Wizards and I don't have any in the first place.

There is a spoiler warning for Fire Emblem: Awakening and Once Upon a Time in effect for this post. Be advised.

White )

Azorious )

Orzhov )

Esper )
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x4 (1U) Omenspeaker
x1 (1U) Doorkeeper
x3 (2U) Hover Barrier
x2 (1UU) Wall of Frost
x4 (1G) Sylvan Caryatid
x3 (2G) Axebane Guardian

x2 (2U) Thassa, God of the Sea
x2 (8) Colossus of Akros

x2 (1) Elixir of Immortality

x2 (U) Swan Song
x4 (1U) Cyclonic Rift
x2 (1UU) Dissolve
x2 (3U) Inspiration

x3 (XUU) Curse of the Swine
x2 (1U) Fate Foretold
x2 (2UG) Krasis Incubation

x2 Unknown Shore
x2 Encroaching Wastes
x4 Temple of Mystery
x4 Breeding Pool
x4 Forest
x4 Island

x1 (1UU) Wall of Frost
x4 (XG) Mistcutter Hydra
x2 (U) Swan Song
x2 (1U) Dissolve
x1 (XUU) Curse of the Swine
x3 (1U) Agoraphobia
x2 (1UU) Claustrophobia

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Since... this is too long a review for plurk, I'll just do it here!

So... we've now met all five of the Theros Gods. Here they are:

Images! )

So of course, as Magic Nerds do, they look at five cards in a cycle and think "Which one is the best?" which normally involves a lot of mathematically improbable scenarios and blanket abuse of all the logic and reason they have access to. All the while simplistically stating which one they like best. I... don't want to do that (well, I do, but I could just do that on plurk in one line "I like Thassa!") so instead I'll try to put a bit more thought into reviewing them.

I figure I can easily split up the pros and cons into four sections. "Synergy," "Emergency," "Strategy," and "Curve."

Synergy )

Emergency )

Strategy )

Curve )

Final Tally )
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As we have the full set content for Dragon's Maze, I'll spend each day till the pre-release reviewing and talking up the guilds. Two guilds at a time. I'll start with the two I play and Know best...

My Secrets... )

My Agression... )
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Okay, so a while back when I was bigger in on YGO (and, naturally, had more ire at things involved) and was trying out the Naruto TCG I thought 'what if there was a universal manga vs. system that didn't annoy me as much as Vs. system does itself. So I started coming up with a system I thought took the best aspects from each card game out there there and this is what I came up with... some of my own personal charms were added.

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Unlike my last unhappy rant, this is a bit more fun and upbeat!

So, I like cartoons, lots of cartoons. Old cartoons, new cartoons, Japanese, Western, French (once). However somewhere along the line I became one of those 'in my day' folks. You know, the 'you see an add for this new thing' and go 'in my day we had good cartoons, none of this riff-raff' sorta guy. I think it happened when JLU was cancelled. And I liked Ben 10 but it was an exception to the rule deal. HOWEVER I AM REBORN! Thanks to The Hub, and not Cartoon Network... which hurts me a little, deep in my soul.

Lots of rambly reviewy things. )
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So with my RP idea I had a thought for a stable of regular things to do in logs, for those who get stuck but want a log with whoever doing whatever.

Days Beyond/Life After People idea help wanted. )

And, for those that find this RP talk boring, a meme due to Brandon:

The last character you defeated in a video game is here to help you in the zombie apocalypse, and they have your favorite pokemon with them! Oh, and you can use the object to your left to help you.

Meeeeeeeme. )
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I might as well read up on the game I will be pining for in however long it takes Squeenix to release Final Fantasy Type-0.

This is what I've found out:

Go grab a snack, get comfy, I'll wait. )

Anyway, I've rambled enough in the dark and I am REALLY SICK OF MY POWER BEING OUT!
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So I made a few Type-0 icons because... I was bored and I took the screenshots for another project. Credit me if you use, I guess...

Thought I'd share them and all, just because.

LJ Cut for 12 icons )
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So one of my old RP ideas has jumped out of the darkness of my forgotten subconscious and throttled me into working on it again.

I still don't have a job.
I'm still not in school.
I still don't know how to sew.
I still don't have any confirmed mods to help me.
And I still want to work on the idea. -_-

Anyway, the basic setting for this game is a spooky jamjar set in THE ENTIRE WORLD, although you'll get very lonely if you aren't in North America (if your character is badass enough they can arrive in South America and spend forever trekking toward civilization on the Eastern Seaboard of North America). In a world that nature has reclaimed after hundreds of years without people, forests filled with giant monsters because giant monsters are cool, the oceans are untravelable due to the high number of seamonsters out there, the skies are untravelable because all the planes have had hundreds of years of disrepair... so have the air traffic control towers... and the runways. So people wake up in the ruins of old cities and have to travel hundreds of miles to get to where humans have gathered and try to build lives and figure out what's happened to the Earth and why they are there.

My big gimmick for the game is that there is no 'oh shit where am I' intro posts. Every character arrives at least 4 months before their intro post, somewhere in the wilds of North (and South, if you are badass) America, traveling and learning to handle yourself and getting used to the world SUCKING. So that hopefully everyone arrives to Baltimore or NYC with survival skills and crushed hopes to ever see their friends and loved ones again ( 8D ). Also they should all be well past the 'oh my god where am I' mindset... I hope.

This is a very abridged version of the idea, but I figure that's enough to tell if I'm crazy and shouldn't run this game. ^_^;;

(And if any of you can be bribed into modding with me via cookies.)
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The standard complaint Rakath has every year, due to working for UPS. Dear everyone with houses 'artistically' numbered. Please think REALLY HARD about how important the artistic numbering is versus not ticking off those delivering packages to you. If your number is one of those black plates with gold lettering settled under your porchlight so the entire thing is engulfed in shadow after the sun sets, YOU. HAVE. DONE. IT. WRONG.

Be amazed it took me this long to make note of it.

Less standard. I was somewhat clumsy today, it is rare but it happens. I tripped over a small wall I couldn't see and scrapped up my right shin. Not badly, it didn't even hurt. It was just bleeding a lot, really uncomfortable, and VERY VERY COLD GIVEN THE OUTDOORS AND AT NIGHT THING. So, my Driver totally understood when I said "Let's go do the last pick-ups and I'll go home from there (as the last pick-ups are where I walk home). So he agreed, we set up what I would do there and he told me to call home if I was getting a ride. I did. The conversation went like this.

Mom: "Hello."
Me: "Can I get a ride home from Staples (last pick-up) today?
Mom: "Why?"
Me: "Well I'm kinda bleeding right now."
Mom: "Can't you take the bus?"

Now, to point out, it's about 40 minutes of walking home, an HOUR of bus home, and a half hour round trip in the car. While it is cold and I'm bleeding, NO, NO I CANNOT TAKE THE BUS HOME! The fact that my mom's reaction, any and every time, I injure myself and request a ride home is to ask me to take the bus which will take God knows how much longer, be very uncomfortable, and oh yeah I don't think the bus driver would appreciate my bleeding. Not to mention most of the bus stops are standing only with no cover from the wind and cold and OH YEAH I'M BLEEDING. I really must wonder why.

And it gets better, I wait out there for about 20-30 minutes. I figure it is taking my mom some time to get dressed, maybe eat something to help her blood sugar, important stuff. No, that isn't it, SHE WAS WATCHING A MOVIE!

Now then, on a much better and nicer thought, I have decided that small children are neat when you work for UPS. They give you respect, and at least admire that you bring them stuff. Even if said stuff is for their parents. Earlier, before the bleeding and 'can you take the bus' and such, I walked up to a house and as I got halfway down the walk up I heard a small happy tween voice "I HAVE A PACKAGE!" from behind me and behind some trees. A little girl, probably 11 or so, came bounding down on me, in the sweetest and innocent... est(?) voice said "Hi." I handed her the box, she beamed, laughed to her friends (who followed shortly from out of my view, less enthused to run off as she was) and thanked me. The two other girls said hi to me, both her age, and I went on with my deliveries.

When I got to another street, the same two girls (I guess on their way home) passed by me again, and said hi to me again. Which is a wonderful change of pace from all those adults who when you knock on their door go "WHAT DO YOU WANT" in the surliest and most annoyed tones, then quickly back peddle from that when they realize I am bringing them stuff.

It is also nice I don't scare kids, I like this idea of not being tall and scary to kids and they say hi to me nicely.
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I dunno why I've been so introspective the past few, what part of me desires to look into that mirror and stare into the eyes studying me. But I've been trying to work through some of my past. Well, its not really my past as I've discovered this coping mechanism is still there. Anyway, this might be long so... that was fair warning.

Because who really needs to read all this? )

I dunno what everyone else will make of this, but here it is... me in little tiny compartmentalized personified parts...
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